3 Books I’m Looking Forward to Read this Summer

Reading is one of my favourite hobbies. I find it so relaxing  and rejuvenating after a chaotic and a busy day. It's a perfect way to enjoy a 'me-time'. It's just me and my imagined world where I'm interacting and getting to know different people with different locations in the world. And yes, I can go … Continue reading 3 Books I’m Looking Forward to Read this Summer

Sunday Brunch in the City

Hey Guys!   Just came back from a delicious brunch at Greenr Cafe, Shahpur Jat. As the name suggests, the food is 100% vegan. It completes a pleasant dining experience with variety of Continental dishes and soothing ambiance! You can even read books while you've ordered the food. As for me, I ordered Baked Sweet Potato … Continue reading Sunday Brunch in the City

Five Ways to Relax/ De-Stress

Past four weeks have been fantabulous. Working day in and day out!! Looking up for blog post ideas.. bullet journaling.. college work..blog and instagram photography.. *phew* Quite overwhelming. But yes it felt better than usual to stay rooted for a couple of holidays at home and just CHILL OUT 😀 So, I've compiled some specific things which I did to … Continue reading Five Ways to Relax/ De-Stress

30 Ways to Change Your Lifestyle

Sometimes its those little changes that really matter and change everything. We learn from our own mistakes and gradually start doing things which helps us live a better and optimistic life.For me becoming positive and grateful to God was certainly life-changing! Now there are so many beautiful and wonderful things in life that I'm truly … Continue reading 30 Ways to Change Your Lifestyle