3 Books I’m Looking Forward to Read this Summer

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Reading is one of my favourite hobbies. I find it so relaxing  and rejuvenating after a chaotic and a busy day. It’s a perfect way to enjoy a ‘me-time’. It’s just me and my imagined world where I’m interacting and getting to know different people with different locations in the world. And yes, I can go on and on with why I LOVE reading books. So this summer there are three books that I’m really looking forward to. Read below to find them:)




It is always a pleasure to read her stories. The way she connects you with the characters in the book is exceptional! Yes I have read the blurb and from that moment I really wanted to dig into the story. It can be understood from the relationships between the characters that there is much of emotional depth in the story. The two Whitson sisters  who are totally different and have different lifestyles find themselves together when their father falls ill.




Yes!!!! I’m really excited for this book!!It’s about the residents of Ruby Street in London where we are transported back in time where people are celebrating the coronation day. But there’s some tragedy destined for Rose ( the protagonist) who is going to discover more hidden truths about her husband. Mysterious and enigmatic, I am really thrilled for this story.





This book has been with us since many years. Actually my mom recommended this one for me. She really enjoyed reading it and and found the characters absolutely empowering. A beautiful mother-daughter relationship is also portrayed in the story, so yes I had to add this book in my reading list! As the name suggests, the story is about the past secrets which we all have and we don’t need to keep. Excited for this one:)

Do you have any suggestions for some good reads?
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