This time I’m sharing with you some tips and tricks on how you could avoid being late to school/college/office/wherever important you have to go.. Personally I’m usually not so disciplined in my life..I sleep late..therefore I end up getting late.. and that leads to whole lot of chaos and confusion. We seriously don’t want to be in that ‘rush-hour’ situation. So let’s jump right in to see the tips and avoid those chaotic scenarios and never be late:)





I know we all know this. It’s obvious. It’s hard to fit in the routine of getting up 2-3 hours early than your usual routine, so what you can do is just set your alarm 20-30 minutes earlier than the previous day. Gradually, your body will get used to waking up early and it will come naturally and you will not end up going late to work



It happens to me often that I forget important stuff, jump on tasks, mismanage things. That’s really annoying. So what I’ve started with is a TO-DO LIST. This has helped me out. Every night I write down ALL the massive list of things I have to catch up with. So the next day I know what exactly I have to do.




This tip is really easy and effective. What you have to do is just prepare anything ranging from breakfast or lunch or plan out outfit or books and notepads or all of your belongings that you have to take with you or get your makeup products ready the night before. Place them together so you don’t have to go around your house and look for those things in the morning mayhem.



SLEEP TIGHT (zzzz..)
Now this is also an important tip. To make sure that you wake up fresh and early, it’s important to have a good nights sleep. It’s scientifically proven than from 9 pm to 2 pm your skin cells get activated and recover your skin as you sleep. Keep away with your phone and technology before going to bed. Also drink a glass full water before sleeping.



Talk Later







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