30 Ways to Change Your Lifestyle

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Sometimes its those little changes that really matter and change everything. We learn from our own mistakes and gradually start doing things which helps us live a better and optimistic life.For me becoming positive and grateful to God was certainly life-changing! Now there are so many beautiful and wonderful things in life that I’m truly grateful for. It really takes a small change in your day-to-day routine to bring in happiness, positivity and health to your life!So without further ado, let’s jump right in!



1. Be thankful. When you get up in the morning notice the big as well as the small things around you that make you feel special because let’s admit it, we ALL are blessed in some way or the other!

2. Eat breakfast. This is the most important meal of the day and many of us tend to skip it. Breakfast is essential in kick-starting your day and give the energy to rock your work routine (plus, you don’t need to have those unhealthy foods out there!).

3. Drink 2-3 L of water. I know, I know, it’s a little bit hard to drink that boring/plain water..but it’s extremely beneficial for detoxing your body.

4. Add in nuts, berries, fruits in your diet.

5.Walk/ run/ jog everyday (try going outdoors if possible for fresh air).

6.Drink green tea. Not only it helps in reducing weight but it is also packed with anti-oxidants which are great for your over-all body and skin.

7. Keep a snack-bar whenever you go out. (you save money+its healthy)

8. Write your daily experiences in a diary.

9. Take a 5 minutes break after working on your computer. Look around. Watch green trees and plants.

10. Smile and laugh often. We all know “laughter is the best medicine”.

11. Be kind and help your colleagues/ neighbours if necessary.

12. Practice self-care every Sunday.

13. Give yourself a new haircut.

14. Eat slowly.

15. Read 2 chapter everyday from a book. Its effective in increasing your vocabulary as well as giving you knowledge and new perceptions.

16. Stop procrastinating. Do it right now and enjoy later.

17. Go on a road-trip with friends.( Still waiting for that day!)

18. Clean that closet which is dirt and messy from abut 6 months.

19. Do not judge others.

20. Plan your next-day-outfit today.

21. Try new things. You like scuba or sky diving? Think less, go for it.

22. Get more sleep. We NEED 8 hours so zzzzzzz..

23. Keep your watch 5 minutes ahead of the actual time. You’ll never arrive late next time.

24. Learn a new recipe.

25. Follow a good skincare routine everyday. It’s important for your skin.

26. Listen to other people’s viewpoint also.

27. Practice appreciating others.

28. Stop worrying and start living.

29. Do meditation.

30. Dream big. Certainly your dreams are important and will definitely come true…its just that you have to add in a little more effort!

EXTRA TIP – Watch Netflix if you don’t want to do anything. *No Seriously* Netflix is always a good idea 😀

I hope you found these tips useful! You certainly don’t have to follow each and every step mentioned above, its totally up to you how you start-off and make those little changes that can improve the way you live. You will definitely get a sense of satisfaction and optimism. 🙂





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